Cloud base is measured by means of a cloud base recorder which scans the sky overhead with a laser. Pilots' reports can be requested to confirm the base. 8.ATIS includes only information about current weather. 8. Elicit the information from the text given above and answer the following questions.
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D. weather . 2) The narrator talks about all of these kinds of weather EXCEPT . A. rain B. wind C. snow D. clouds . 3) Why does the narrator's mother most likely tell the narrator to "put on your boots"? A. because it is rainy outside B. because it is windy outside C. because it is sunny outside D. because it is cloudy outside
the Cloud Key by cutting out both circles on pages 45 and 46, cutting out and discarding the two shaded areas on page 45, and fastening the wheels togeth-er. Page 45 goes on top. 2Show students how to use the key. Move the wheel until the cloud you want appears, then read the name and weather information in the box.